“After much research and talking with a few influencer agencies, we were running out of ideas on a project we felt could have momentum. Kristin had been on my dream list to work with for a while and I am so glad I reached out when pitching to her the idea of being an ambassador for OKC for the next three years. After the initial call with her and Scott, I instantly knew their knowledge, connections and understanding of what we wanted to accomplish would be a perfect fit for our CVB. We’re one year in and not only has Kristin connected our ambassador program to a major trade publication in our industry but she’s written several evergreen pieces, provided us with photos, pitched OKC to other outlets and exposed our city to audiences we might not have reached. I look forward to the rest of this project with them and I know we picked the perfect team to help tell OKC’s story as we roll out a new convention center, a modern streetcar and a 70-acre downtown park, just to name a few.”

Tabbi Burwell

Senior Communications Manager at Visit Oklahoma City

“There are few influencers who not only have influence over their loyal blog and social media audiences, but also over an entire industry, including other thought leaders; Kristin Luna is one of those rare influencers. Kristin adds a passionate, professional, 360-marketing approach to every campaign, not only completing all set deliverables on time, but going above and beyond to make sure that every piece of content tells a story - and that that story is one that makes people care. I've had the pleasure of partnering with Kristin on over three dozen campaigns, in addition to speaking on several top industry panels with her. The pride and thoughtfulness she devotes to each client, no matter how big or small, is refreshing and reassuring. I have the utmost confidence in all of Kristin's work and know that no matter how you partner with her, she'll deliver the best of the best.”

Jade Broadus

Vice President & Creative Director of Travel Mindset

"Kristin is the epitome of a professional and sets the standard of people I aspire to work with! Her work reflects a genuine desire within her to both discover unique perspectives of an assignment then also share it with her audience in a fun, informative way. Each project she has been a part of with Visit Franklin has performed well beyond expectations and whenever industry colleagues are looking for an influencer, she is without hesitation my first suggestion. Kristin has a unique ability to be fantastic at her work yet even more incredible as a person."

Matthew Maxey

Public Relations Manager at Visit Franklin



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